Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

A few weeks ago I went to a book signing at the Palisades Mall to meet Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8 the reality show on TLC.  She signed copies of her book Multiple Blessings.  This book was an easy read and gave alot of insight into her experience being pregnant with sextuplets and raising 8 little ones, more than you see on the show.  I had now idea how crazy it would be and how many people would show up!  There was something like 500 people there.  I had to wait over 2 hours but it was worth it.  Very cool to meet her for a brief second!   

I don't know what it is about the show that keeps me tuning in every week.  Maybe its the cute kids or how real Jon and Kate are or how amazed I am at watching them take care of all those children!   I have enough trouble with one little dog!  I cannot even begin to imagine what a tough job they have.  I think it is great that they let the cameras in to their world to share their story.  I am sure they are inspiring many a parent out there.  

I quickly shot a few pictures before we were rushed through the long line.  I love her haircut too!  I am no stranger to short hair.  Now I may just have to go back to it again just in time for the summer!  

Anyone else watch the show?


Duane said...

I do, I do! Yeah, this is realty tv at its best. Strange yet fascinating. I still don't know how the parents manage.

See u at the 2nd OMG Summit! :)

JoyJoy said...

Kate rocks! To think Jon is being a man whore and has the nerve to sue her for custody when she is trying to make a living for her and her kids. If I wasn't a Christian, I'd hate him. You go Kate. I pray for you and for your strength. We moms are all behind you.