Friday, October 22, 2010

Sharing My Story On

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Amanda Greene, an editor at Woman' who was working on a story about breast cancer blogging. I was asked to write a narrative of my breast cancer experience and how blogging has helped me along my journey. I was very excited as you can imagine. My piece was included in her article 5 Breast Cancer Bloggers Share Their Stories. I feel so honored for the opportunity to share my voice with so many.

You can check out the article here on !

Do you have a blog? How has blogging helped you along your own personal journey?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink Revisited . . . 20 Years of Cause Marketing

I have often shared my issues with the pink ribbon and cause marketing here on this blog. I am a big supporter of Breast Cancer Action's (BCA) Think Before You Pink campaign because they challenge companies that may use pink to increase their sales especially those who produce products with ingredients linked to breast cancer. During the month of October everywhere you look there are pink ribbon's slapped on all kinds of products.

BCA puts out a quarterly newsletter the Source and I wrote an article for the fall issue which came out this week. In the piece I share my feelings about the use of the pink ribbon and cause marketing. I encourage you to read it and share it if it speaks to you.

Check it out here! And let me know what you think!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Resource For Cancer Patients Regarding New Health Insurance Changes

It is tough enough to go through cancer treatment but to make the experience more stressful is the need to navigate the mucked up world of health insurance. I remember during my treatment I was living alone and would cringe when I went to the mail box. Luckily I had good insurance but there were still copays and things I had to fight to get covered. I couldn't even deal. So I would watch the insurance statements and hospital bills pile up on my kitchen table.

Recently there have been new health insurance changes that will impact cancer patients and young adults. My friend and fellow cancer survivor Kairol Rosenthal, the author of Everything Changes has a great blog post up with a guide to these new changes which went into effect on September 23, 2010. She discusses everything from insurance coverage, free preventative care, lifetime caps, and pre-existing conditions.

It is so important to educate yourself as a patient and be your own advocate! So be sure to check out Kairol's post here!