Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 of 25 Random Things About Me

Anyone else addicted to facebook? I sure am and don't know why! It has been fun though reconnecting with old friends and new ones, sharing photos and catching up. Something that has been going around facebook is a list of 25 Random Things. At first I didn't know if I could fill up the list but it was fun. I enjoyed reading the lists of friends as well. I thought I would share some of my list here on the blog. Here is the top 10 or this post will be waaayyy too long!

1. I love to sing and wish I had a better voice!

2. I love to dance and miss the days when I would go clubbing with friends to Webster Hall in NYC!

3. I am so in love with my pug Bosco that it scares me.

4. I am afraid of flying although it hasn't kept me from traveling. I just hate every second I am in the air.

5. I hate to cook much to the dismay of my husband Lou!

6. I love to go to newport, RI and want to live there someday.

7. I always wanted to live in a house by the beach, hek, I still do!

8. I am a total procrastinator. Always cramming the nite before exams, everything last minute. Why can't I just get it done! lol

9. When I was a kid I saw dead people. They didn't scare me at all. I found out years later from seeing pictures that they were dead family members. I believe in life after death and that those who pass on can communicate with us from the other side. I have been to mediums over the years and find comfort in hearing from those I have lost.

10. I believe that everything happens for a reason even the bad stuff because of what it can teach you about the person you are.

What's in your top 10?

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