Saturday, February 23, 2008

6 Things About Me

My new friend Sherry over at Sage and Thyme posted a meme she was tagged for where she had to tell 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about herself. Although she didn’t technically “tag” me she did invite others to participate. So I am going to accept the informal invite! :)

Now, I don’t like to admit that I may be quirky but some of these things probably fit that term! We all have weird habits though don’t we? I am secretly hoping I am not alone here!!

Here goes…..

- I won’t sit in the grass, I don’t even like it to touch my legs when I walk through it

- When I shop for groceries I won’t take the first or last item on the shelf, only from the middle

- I don’t like to drink cold water, only room temperature

- I am afraid to try new foods due to anticipated potential allergic reaction

- I get sea sick

- I have dental phobia (thats a topic for its own special blog! -yikes!)

I am not going to tag anyone mostly because I don’t know many bloggers! But I will invite you guys to participate if the mood strikes you.

Here are the rules:
link to the person who tagged you

share 6 non-important/habits/quirky things about yourself

tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

let each person know you tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog

Friday, February 8, 2008

Understanding Cancer TV Spotlights i[2]y!!

Check out this great video starring my new friend and founder of The I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation For Young Adults (i2Y), Matthew Zachary. The Understanding Cancer Network profiled i2y in a recent segment posted on their website.

i[2]y continues to spread its wings and is getting the well deserved recognition for all the wonderful things they are doing to provide support for young adults with stupid cancer! It is an organization that I am very passionate about and wish was around when I was diagnosed with cancer at 31.

Be sure to check them out! And if you already know about this cool resource for young adults with cancer then stop by and let me know what your experience has been!