Friday, March 6, 2009

Burt's Bee's Please...

I am a contributing blogger over at the Stupid Cancer Blog. If you haven't done so already it is worth checking out for all the latest news and issues surrounding young adult cancer survivors written with wit and irreverance. Last month I wrote a blog post "Toxic Kisses" about lead in lipstick. In my journey as a cancer survivor I started to look at many things in a different light including how I treat my body and what stuff is in my skin care and cometics. And in my quest to find healthier cosmetics I have happily found a lip product from Burt's Bee's that I wanted to share. They are natural lip shimmers sans chemicals and crap. The lip shimmers impressed me with the wide range of colors, how they apply like a lipstick and have pretty good staying power. The peppermint flavor is great too. In addition to the lip shimmers there are lip glosses as well in pretty colors with a citrus flavor. I am officially hooked! For all the money I used to pay for toxic lipsticks these are really affordable and I often mix and match colors together.

Anyone else tried these or any of the Burt's Bee's products? Do tell!

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