Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painting And Creating. . .

I cannot believe I am sharing this but here it is.  This is my second attempt at a new creative outlet.  The first one was not suitable to share.  I actually hate what I did.  But if I really take a look I would realize it speaks about the state of my mind lately.  It is very busy and cluttered.  But rather than give up I decided to give it another try.  I was thinking cherry blossom as I was painting this one.    I had never even held a brush before.    So I bought a book about painting with acrylic.  I read it from cover to cover and then headed to the craft store to pick up some supplies.  It is no secret that I love photography.  To me that is art.  I create with my camera what I capture through the lens.  I have always wanted to paint.  I was intimidated with the thought of trying to create something from imagination.  Something without that lens.  I was only to rely on my mind.  

I remember when I was in the fourth grade I won an art contest.  It was a blue first place ribbon.  I used pastels to make a butterfly.  I was so proud of what I had done.  I never expected to win.  It certainly wasn't the best of the class.    It is a memory that has stayed clear in my mind for all these years.  I no longer have that ribbon nor do I have the drawing.   I only have the memory of it in my head.  Then life got in the way and as I grew older I never felt good enough or confident enough to pursue any of my artistic interests.  Not even writing.

Although I was less than pleased with my first painting I have to say I enjoyed the process.  I was excited to be brushing color onto the canvas.  To be creating in a different medium.  To be trying something new.  I was lost in the moment of what I was doing as much as I do when I am behind my camera lens.  The noise in my head began to quiet down and I lost all track of time.  That is why creating is so important for me.  It always helps me deal with fear and anxiety.  It brings me into a moment, into the present.  

I wish I knew how to do just that on my own.  Until then I am glad I have found new ways to step outside of myself.  I will try not to be discouraged with the product and enjoy the process. . .

Do you paint?  What made you pick up that brush?  What ways does creativity help you?  Any advice for this newbie painter?


Ashley said...

Oh, Cathy I am so happy for you-ART! You will love it...just hang in there-time will take you over the hump.

I love painting as can see some of my painting on my blog or facebook...I haven't had time in recent months to paint because I am still working on my book.

I enjoy more of abstract type work.

Check this out-youtube-"Rainbow Vines" Original Acrylic Abstract Painting by Paige Abbott
you might like something like this.
Or try also on youtube Abstract Painting - Lindsey Cormier Art

My painting came to me like all my other arts self-taught. Research research...paint paint paint

Art has always been in my life-as a child no one regonized it so my confidence was very low. You keep you chin up-you will be surprised where it takes you.

happy painting,
ashley :)

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Dennis Pyritz, RN
leukemia & transplant survivor