Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Doggie Sees Dead People. . .

When I was a kid I saw dead people in my room at nite.  I realize this may creep some people out.  I am one of those who believes in life after death.  I believe in the ability to communicate with the dead.  

This  would always happen at nite when I was in bed.  I would look through a fuzzy haze in the dark and see someone standing in my doorway.  Some were strangers to me that I would later recognize in old family photos.  Dead family members I had never met.  That truly freaked my mom out.  It never scared me back then.  The spirits would just look at me, smile, and wave.  Over the years since I have had a few occasions of seeing dead people.  One of them was Paul.  I saw him the night that he died.  To me it was his way of coming back to me to say goodbye.  I have had many readings with mediums.  I even went on a retreat with the medium John Edward just before he blew up and became untouchable.  

They say that children and animals have a greater ability to see spirits.  Partly because there is no fear there.  It is their innocence.  So it didn't surprise me one evening last week when my dog Bosco woke up and started barking at something in our living room.  I stopped what I was doing and sat silently watching him.  I didn't want to distract him.  There were no noises outside.  The room was dimly lit.  I watched his head and eyes distinctly follow something back and forth across the room.  It was as if he was watching  someone.  It didn't scare me at all.  I figured it was just one of the dead people coming by for a visit.  When my husband walked into the living room to see what all the barking was about I told him my theory.  Lou walked over by the corner of the room that our dog was staring at.  

 Jokingly Lou said "Where is he Bosco?  Over here?"  motioning his arm up in midair as if to put it around someone.   

 I watched his expression change as I asked "What is it?" 

 "Look. . . all the hair on my arm is standing up.  I just felt a chill go through me." 

"Bosco I wish you could tell us who it is."  I said finally breaking his concentration.  

I couldn't help but wonder who it was.  I have no doubt there was somebody in the room with us that nite.  This has happened many times over the past year and a half since my dad passed away.  My dad never had the chance to meet Bosco.  I like to think he comes by to play with our dog who he no doubt would have loved as much as we do.  

Do you believe in the ability to communicate with the dead?  Have you ever experienced any connection with the spirit world?  Have you ever been to a medium and received messages from loved ones who have passed on?


Sherry said...

Amazing story...but I believe, completely. I have not had a vision in my room with me, but I have had "dreams" that I know were not dreams, of people that I have loved who are gone.

Children are so very receptive to this...imaginary friends? I believe they are spirit guides. I had one called Peter. Yes, Peter was with me shortly after my sister was born and my parents were convinced it was me trying to get attention. It wasn't.

In later years, one of my friends went through this with her middle child...while he was still the youngest. His imaginary friend was called Constanza. Now, sorry, but how many 3 year olds would come up with such a name? And we live nowhere near anyone or any community that is Spanish in origin.

Lately my MIL who is 93 has been seeing people, hearing a man singing -- at night as she is going to sleep. I know what this is though I haven't told her. All I've said is that she needn't be worried. It's all good.

So you are not alone Cathy!! xo

KK said...

I don't know about all that, but I'm sleeping with the light on now...not that it would help in this case!

Cathy Bueti said...

Thanks for sharing that Sherry! I too believe that dreams are visits. I have many of them involving those I have lost. I believe that as well about the spirit guides and children. And I think that you are right about your MIL. Its good that you told her not to worry.

Its good to hear this from others. Not many people to share these thoughts with!

KK....I also sleep with a small light on! Thanks for commenting!