Friday, February 5, 2010

Etsy. . . Where Handmade Rocks!

I first heard about Etsy back in the fall of 2005 before anyone knew what it was or how big it would get.  I was having fun making beaded jewelry at the time and thought of selling it on Etsy.  But being the procrastination queen I am it never happened.  Now Etsy has blown up and is THE place to buy and sell handmade.  I think it is great because it has given new life to handmade products.  There are so many things out there made on machines or by an assembly line of people.  It is wonderful to shop on Etsy and see all the wonderful creations people have made with their own hands.  I made my first purchase there in December.  It was an acrylic art print.  I love it!  I have it framed and hung on the wall in my living room.  I am inspired each time I see it.  Thats the thing about Etsy....its ability to inspire!  

I have often spoken about how creativity has helped me deal with fear.  When I focus on a project it takes me out of my busy mind for that time and a shift in my focus happens.  Whether I am making a beaded bracelet or spending time behind the lens of my camera.  I get caught up in the moment and loose all track of time.  I feel happy, calm, and inspired.  I have found it to be essential to my emotional well being.  Problem is I don't do it enough.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting started especially when my mind is running around lost.  But if I can get in the zone....who knows where it can take me.  

This past Christmas I made my own cards for the first time.  I used images from my photographs and handwrote my own sentiment.  It was the most fun I have ever had sending out cards.  Sharing my photography and being creative with it was great.  I plan on doing it again!  It inspired me to use my photos to make cards.  And it led me to FINALLY open my first Etsy shop Cathy Marie Creations I have started out with my photo cards and eventually plan to share some of my beaded jewelry.  It is exciting for me to put my creativity out there.  I hope you enjoy it!

You can check out my shop here.  You can also scroll down the right side of this blog and get a preview.

What is your favorite way to be creative?  How does your creativity help you?  Have you ever been on Etsy?  Are you a fan of handmade?

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