Friday, June 5, 2009

What's On Your Ipod?

After the somberness of my last post I wanted to write something fun.  I just ordered tickets to an upcoming Journey concert in the fall YAY!  And now I am all about classic Journey tunes on my ipod today.  It got me to thinking about the role music has played in my life.  

I remember the first Journey album I bought.  It was the Escape album circa 1981.  I was 12 and "Don't Stop Believin"  was my fav song at the time.  My friends and I used to blast it from our boxes we carried while strutting down the street.  Can I just say how old I feel right now!    Anyway, I remember how happy I felt listening to that song and belting out the words.  It was like an escape for me, no pun intended.  At that age, it was a way for me to drown out the sounds of my parents screaming and my father's drunken noise.  I could tune out the world.  Even as I watched that last scene in the Soprano's finale with that song playing I got chills.  

As I got older music became a connection to boys I liked, falling in love the first time with Paul, and just plain ol' good times with friends.  It helped to drown out the sadness I felt at times.  In my adulthood music could also evoke tears as I began to loose those close to me.  But at the same time  I couldn't help but smile and feel as though that person was brought a little closer around me.  And when Lou and I got married our gift to the guests at our wedding was a CD I put together of our favorite love songs.  

Listening to music has also inspired my writing.  Sometimes when I am feeling that writer's block blasting some tunes helps the words to come out.  I don't listen often enough these days.  It is something I want to bring back to the forefront of my days.  It releases my creativity and lessens my anxiety which I am feeling way to much of lately.  

So.... what is playing on your ipod today?  What are some favorite songs that have brought you  good times?  What role has music played in your life?


Ashley said...

Hey Cathy, I saw your guest blog over at Erin's place a couple weeks ago. Great Job!
I put your book in my chart on Amazon, even though I have the paper back, I can't wait to the revised edition.
Music, I love music, it's diffently has been a good thing for me through the years. And your right about the writers block, music helps so much, it's a triger for me.
I see you made a few mile stones last week, I did so myself, daddy has been gone 12 years now, last saturday.
Good luck with the new book!

Cathy Bueti said...

Great to hear from you! Yes, contributing to Erin's blog was very exciting! Thanks for sharing!

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