Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversaries, Cancerversaries, and Inspiration

I started a great 4 day weekend Thursday nite at my first book signing in NYC at the B&N Greenwich Village. Fabulous event!  I was very excited to share my story, read from my book, and meet some great new people!  And even saw an old friend I hadn't seen in 20 years.  Hopefully I inspired those that graciously came out to listen to me speak.  

The weather here in NY was great the whole weekend.  My husband and I took the pug and went to a nearby walktrail, so peaceful and fun. And on Saturday nite from 8-12pm AOL ran a recent interview I did for AOL Health!  I discussed my book, what it was like being a 25 year old widow and then diagnosed with cancer at 31.  And of course how I found love again!  If  you missed it you can check out the interview here.

 On Sunday we celebrated our 6th anniversary and my 8th year as a cancer survivor!  We just spent a quiet day together at home and enjoyed the great weather, got outside for awhile and then I cooked dinner at home.  But strangely all day I felt as though I should be doing something more.  A bigger celebration, going somewhere, being more fancy.  Even though I was perfectly content with a quiet day.  Just being with him was nice. Cause isn't it just about the moments?   I don't know why I felt an empty spot or a nagging to do something more.  

How do you celebrate special days?  If you celebrate quietly do you ever feel as if it is not enough?

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