Saturday, October 1, 2011

Raise A Stink . . . Komen Strikes Again

I think this video says it all and is why I am a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Action.


Sherry said...

It never stops does it Cathy? And when KOMEN is behind some of the worst of it??? I cry for the future and the brainwashing that has been done to women...out of fear and hope. And it's wrong. Sharing this. And thank you for posting it ♥

Terri Smith said...

Hi Sweet Cathy. You Brought Me The Biggest Smile When Discovering You Had Visited Earlier. I'm Sincerely Trying To Pull Myself Back From So Much Grief And Sadness That Has Shrouded Me Lately. It Means A Lot Knowing You're There As My Friend. Sending You Love And Some Sweet Georgia Sunshine, Terri

Tolga said...

woman must be very clever:)
i like your blog. wishing you a sunny days/weeks from istanbul.


Plumrose Lane said...

Wow! What a find you are ~ so happy to make my way here through Sherry's "finding the Fierce", you sure are a wealth of information!
I feel new to the pink scene and more of a babe in understanding everything so I'm not sure how all this will fit in with my newly acquired but I'd sure like to make it fit!

Unknown said...

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