Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Giveaway!!

I am happy to announce today that I am giving away a signed copy of my memoir Breastless in the City to one lucky reader! In the book I share my experience as a young widow dating through breast cancer treatment. You can read an excerpt via the link at the top of the side bar. This giveaway is in appreciation for everyone who has been on this blogging journey with me here at In My Life. This giveaway is long overdue!

To enter the giveaway is simple. All you have to do is leave a comment (and you don't have to be a blogger). If you would like your name entered more than once become a follower (make sure to tell me). And to enter your name a third time mention this giveaway on your blog (tell me this as well). I will be drawing the name on Tuesday December 7!

Good Luck!!


Soggy Dog Studios said...

What a wonderful give away Cathy.
I would love to win this and read more about your brave journey. :)

P.S. - My Aunt LoVeD the card!!! :) xoxo

Rona Gregory said...

Hi Cathy, I still haven't gotten round to ordering this so here's hoping! I would really like to read more too. You are so positive and such an inspiration. I'm off to blog and post your link right now!!

Ro xxxx

Unknown said...

Thanks for writing this book Cathy. You are an inspirational to all busy young women out there. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball but we've gotta stay busy and productive and support each other along the way!

Amy from Cancer Cove

Christa Irell said...

You are truly an inspiration, Cathy, with both your book about your journey, and your art.
I put both blogs out there on my blog:
and I hope you get a lot more followers, because we can all benefit from the courage you have shown through your battles.
Cheers to you, girl!

steve said...

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