Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fake Perfumes. . . Oh So Toxic!

I remember when Carrie and Samantha were buying fake Fendi bags out of the trunk of a car in an episode of SATC.  Well that was no where near as dangerous as buying a fake perfume except for the dog that chased them down an alley on their way there!

I always buy my perfumes at a department store or Sephora.  Although I have seen discounted perfumes being sold in different places I have never purchased it anywhere else.    And now I am very glad I never did.  Harper's Bazaar magazine recently did an article in their January issue titled "The Fight Against Faux Fragrances"   by Maria Ricapito.     It was quite disturbing!   The article stated that fake fragrances have been found to contain things such as antifreeze, urine, and bacteria.  As you can imagine this can cause skin rashes and has the potential to make you sick.   Your skin absorbs everything you put on it.  I would be horrified to find out that I had absorbed things like urine and bacteria from my perfume!  These counterfit fragrances are being sold online as well as by street vendors and flea markets.  The author also included a list of ways to spot a faux fragrance.  

According to this article the best place to purchase fragrances is at department stores and stores like Sephora which is where I will continue to purchase mine.  Check out the story at the above link.  

Where to do you buy your perfume?  Had you heard of this type of counterfeiting before?  Do you know anyone who had a bad reaction to discounted perfume?


KK said...

That is scary! I usually buy at department stores, but sometimes Ulta.

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