Monday, November 16, 2009

Can Good Nutrition Prevent Cancer??

When I was diagnosed with cancer I was hoping for the cookbook recipe to ensure I would survive.  If I do this type of surgery, this type of chemo, take this medication then I will be ok.  There were alot of decisions to make under the advice of my doctors but what none of them could tell me with 100% certainty is how long I would live if I survived.  

When treatment was over the fear of recurrence set in.  I felt like all I was going to do was wait for cancer to strike again unless I became proactive about my life.  So part as part of my quest I began to look for alternative ways to maintain my health and improve my lifestyle.

Nutrition was a good place for me to start.  As I looked back on my life and the things I ate it became no surprise to me why I was sick so much.  I never drank water, never ate veggies and barely at fruit.  I can't even tell you what I was eating although I can promise  you it's nutritional value was barely existent.  Over the years since I finished my treatment I have made many improvements to my diet.  I even began juicing.  But what I did notice though is I tend to become obsessed with it all.  And I am well aware that this obsession stems from fear.  

And then I think about people in my family that never had cancer.  Like my Grandma who lived to the ripe old age of 85 and smoked since she was 16, ate white bread with every meal, drank coffee daily, enjoyed pizza, nitrite laden cold cuts, and even KFC.  She was never sick until 2 years before she died and was diagnosed with emphysema.  I also remember how often she prayed.  And how positive she tried to be.  She always gave up her worries to something bigger than herself.  And she always advised me to do the same.  Now that is the part of haven't had much success with.  It is what I struggle with the most.  I have an easier time controlling what I eat than the crazy thoughts that swim through my mind most of the time.  

So, do I think that good nutrition can prevent cancer?  I am not sure to tell you the truth although I do believe it can help.  I tend to believe it is not one specific thing.  I think it is about balance.  A delicate balance the body and the mind.  I believe that the thoughts you put in your head can affect your health just as much as the food you put in your mouth.  

Tonite I will be a guest on the Stupid Cancer Show.  This is the topic up for discussion.  So join me to listen in and hang in the chatroom with other young survivors!  It is sure to be an interesting show!  Check it out here

Do you think that what you eat can affect your health?  Since your cancer diagnosis have you made changes to your lifestyle and/or diet in an effort to stay well?  If so what prompted this change in you?


Anonymous said...

I have also thought about this, especially with regard to my own breast issues. Back in February I became a vegetarian - and not a vegetarian who only eats carbs; I've replaced meat with vegetables, sometimes tofu, grainy breads, and fruits. Of course, I indulge in the cupcake or ice cream here and there, but overall I think I'm doing better.

I am hopeful that my diet will help me and (as it happens) TOMORROW for my 6 month scan there will have been no tumor growth. That will make it and entire year that nothing has changed - a record for me since I started this whole thing 7 years ago!

I've also felt better as a general thing and lost a little weight. Even if a change in diet does not keep cancer away, at least I feel healthy during my every day routine and I have that positivity in my life.

Cathy Bueti said...

Thanks for your comment! I so agree with your last sentence...what is important is that you feel healthy and have that positivity in your life! So important!

Sending you positive vibs as you wait for scan results. Please keep us posted...