Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do You Remember Your First Kiss??

It was a very hot summer nite in August of '86.  I had just turned 16.  I could smell his Drakkar cologne mixed in with the exhaust fumes from his father's maroon Chevette.  As we quickly rounded the corner I heard the squeak of the breaks.  I didn't want to look up.  I didn't want the ride to end.  

Janet Jackson's When I Think Of You  was blaring from the radio speakers.   The windows were rolled down.  I felt the warm humid breeze blowing through my hair as I turned to glance over at him.  He gently touched my hand with his.  His hand was big and strong overpowering mine.  I wanted his big arms wrapped around me.  I could feel goosebumps riding up my spine.  As  his  hand lightly squeeze mine I felt very warm and tingly.  It was the first time a boy ever held my  hand.  I was too shy to look in his eyes but I could almost feel his smile.  The moonlight coming through the car window showered light on our hands.  The moment seemed never ending.  I wanted time to stop.

I felt his hand gently pull mine closer to him as if to lead me into his arms.  The other hand touched my face.  I was afraid he could hear the sound of my knees shaking.  And just like that I felt his lips quickly touch mine.  It was a soft, wet kiss that brought the goosebumps back again.  

So unsure of what to say or do I said goodbye and practically jumped out of the car.  I could feel my smile getting bigger as I approached my house.   I turned to look back at him and heard the whirring of the engine getting louder.  I was just about to wave when I heard " that you?"  in my mom's concerned voice billowing out of the kitchen window.  Rolling my eyes with a sigh escaping my breath I clicked the latch on the door.  I walked inside, headed straight for the stairs and up to my room.  As I felt myself bounce on my bed belly flop style I licked my lips.  I touched them as if something big had just happened.  I tried to remember the feeling, the softness of his mouth.  All of the other sounds in the house were quickly drowned out by the song playing in my head.   I began to replay that moment.  A thousand times would never be enough.  I could only hope it would happen again.

Little did I know at the time but I had just shared my first kiss with the man I would someday marry...

Do you remember your first kiss?  How old were you?  Is it a fond memory or something you would rather forget?  

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