Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Book News!!

I am excited to finally be able to spill the beans!  Here is the cover for the new updated and revised edition of my book which is being republished by Kaplan Publishing this spring!  May 5, 2009 to be exact.  

It was a lot of work to do all the rewrites and additions to the beginning of my story as well as the end and everywhere in between.  But I think it will give an even closer look at where I started from and where I am today.  

So for those who have read the first edition I hope that you take another look and for newcomers I hope you will check it out!  I am very grateful for this new opportunity for Breastless to reach a wider audience.  Most of all my wish is for it to continue to inspire and give courage to those who don't think they can make it through the crappy stuff  that is thrown at us!  It is a story about survival, love, and embracing life!


Kairol Rosenthal said...

Congrats. My book is hitting the shelf Feb. 17. I hope you are having as much fun holed up and writing as I have had! Can't wait to read your new edition.


Cathy Bueti said...

Thanks! Very exciting to have a second go at it! I had 6 weeks of intense rewrites and although it was tough it was fun too! Looking forward to reading your new book. Great blog....I stop by and check it out everyday.