Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have You Ditched the Phone Call For Online Technology??

I remember when I got my own phone.  It was Christmas circa 1986.  I was 16 and had been begging my parents to let me have one for my room.  They finally caved.  Although I didn't have my own number at least I could have some privacy when I chatted it up on the phone for hours. My phone was white and gold, in old-fashioned style.  
I was a latecomer to the cell phone craze back in the 90's.  I couldn't afford a car that had a phone in it.  But I finally gave in out of longing to feel safer as a single girl driving at all hours of the nite and day.  I wanted a phone in case of emergency when I was out and about.  It barely fit in my small compact purse.  Remember when they were analog and huge?  I was never too tech savvy so it took me a while to figure out how to use the dam thing.  But it eased my mind a bit.  

And then I started spending hours on the internet.  I was IM'ing friends and boys, emailing, and talking on the phone only occasionally.  Today as the internet progresses and technology moves at rapid pace with sites like Facebook and the ease of email I find that I don't pick up the phone and call anyone.  I rarely get calls these days either.  My friends connect with me via email or IM and on sites such as Facebook where you can have conversations with groups of people who you my never get together with much outside of your computer screen.  

Don't get me wrong....I think the internet is great.  I  have met so many new people, many of whom are young adult cancer survivors, and maintained connections with those in my life online.  It has truly opened up my world in many ways.  But sometimes I miss getting a handwritten letter in the mail or a card that I didn't have to click on a link to access.  I can say I email much more than I pick up the phone and call someone.  And I miss it sometimes.  Life moves at such a fast pace these days I think sometimes it is easier to shoot someone an email than to give a call.  

Has your phone time decreased while your fingers are getting cramped with texting, emails, and such??  Do you think that modern technology has keep us more connected to friends and family or less?  


Anonymous said...

My friends and I were just talking about this. I don't even actually NEED a phone plan with any actual minutes. I barely use them. Everything is done via text or email through my phone. Even my parents text me when they need to talk to me. And on a related issue with sites like FB...I don't even have a desire to go to my upcoming 10 year high school reunion. I already know what everyone is up to and what they look like. It's pretty sad, something has definitely been lost with this giant onslaught of technology...

Cathy Bueti said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting! I know what you mean about the high school reunion. I actually haven't been to any of mine even before facebook but recently since I have been on there I have reconnected with so many of my childhood friends! How did we ever survive without all this technology. lol