Friday, July 17, 2009

Wine, Women, and Song

A few weeks ago at my OT job I had the opportunity to work with a centurian.  At 100 years old this man was still on his feet, taking care of most his own needs, and very willing to participate in his rehab.  Whenever I work with those super old patients I become very inquisitive.  I wonder about their lives and how they live so long.  I wonder if their is a secret.  My inquisitiveness came about after facing my own mortality at such a young age.  And since my treatment ended I have been on a quest fueled mostly by fear to try to figure out how to keep healthy and live a long life.  

I began asking my usual questions, like how did you meet  your wife, where did you grow up, and what was it like way back when.  After that small talk I asked the big question...

"What is the secret?" I asked
"To what?"  
"Living to be 100."  I said.  
"Wine, Women, and Song." he responded with a smile.

We both laughed and he continued with his exercise.  I wondered if he was right.  

I have a man in my life, I love music, but I don't drink wine, or any alcohol for that matter.  Maybe that's what I am missing.  Is that the ticket?  A bottle of red??

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to long life?  Do you fear you life will be shortened because of  your cancer history?  Or do you just move forward and never look back?

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Ashley said...

Cathy, I am alittle uncertain these days as to what the trick is, since we are now living in the cancer epidemic!

Check this out, Henry Allingham, the oldest man, died recently at the age of 113, he said woman, smoking and drinks were for his success, Henry out lived another man who was I believe 113 from Japan, this man said milk, avoid drinks and avoid smokes, now I am confussed! Google these guys if you want to see more...

Really Cathy, we all know at some point we will leave here, but I am determine to leave as much knowledge behind as I can, as I think you will and have already!

Oh and I am not certain about the drinking thing, I think we both have seen that first hand with our father's, My grandfather turns 82 this week, he just reached his 5 year mark of cancer survival and has never drank, his mother, my great grandmother lived to be 96!

I am really thinking to take the best care of ourself, our hearts, minds, body and souls, keeping a postive attitude will pay off!